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I went to clinic today & got CT results & 4th chemo. The lung tumours are definitely all gone - what a blessing as they were the real life threatening ones. Also my marker tests (which are done 3 weekly) are starting to fall again. They had gone as high as 170 before I started chemo & after 3 cycles are now down to 120. Oncologist says a level of 20 at end of 6 cycles would be wonderful but unlikely. He is looking for 80-90 by the end which would mean a 8 months to 2 years remission. It will eventually fail there is no hope for a permanent cure - failing a miracle & he doesn't discount those - but he has about 4 more chemo cocktails up his sleeve so we are looking at at least 5 years (I feel 5 years is all I can realistically hope for but I will fight for more) & who knows what cures or treatments are around the corner. I just know I get so sick of the constant pain & would give almost anything to feel pain free without drugs for just a few days.
For all of you who include me in your prayers - THANK YOU. For al those new to the site I am living proof that you can survive cancer for a long time. 20+ years in my case so hang on in there and pray for new cures that may save us all yet. You are all in my prayers. Love to you all.


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    I am so happy to hear your good news. I have been praying for your daily, and will continue to do so. Miracles do indeed happen every day. Let's look for one for you in the very near future!
    Love, Jayne
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    Dear Pam,

    You have been through so much and still take the time and make the effort to let us know what's going on and to give others encouragement - you are amazing! I am SO GLAD to hear about the lung tumors and wish you continued good results. Will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.
    Love, Jean
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    Hi Pam! So glad to hear your news about the shrinking(disappearing lung tumors and the decreased markers.You have such a great attitude. I wish your pain would go away. You, Rosa and so many of these women have been through such hell yet you keep on fighting!Keep up the good work. I continue praying for you. Thanks for keeping in touch. I worry when I don't hear from some of the "old timers". HUGS!!! Cathy
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    Dear Pam - Thank you so much for updating us on how you are doing. You certainly are a special inspiration to all of us and a real fighter. I look up to you so very much. You will always be in my prayers and I also hope and pray for new cures in the future. There is always research going on - and hopefully they will find a cure for you.
    I wish you the very best each and every day.
    God Bless You - Lucy
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    You are an inspiration, Pam. So glad to hear you're kicking some cancer butt!!! Thanks for your encouraging words. You help so many of us through our own trying times.

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    Dear Pam, Thanks for sharing the good news! We don't know how long we will live regardless of breast cancer and so the theme is constant that we must live each day and treasure the life we have chosen. I hope and pray for the right "chemo cocktail" for you and for a cure for breast cancer. Thank you for all your postings...you are a wise and thoughtful woman. Love to you, Luckyj
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    My prayers are with you and your support to this sight is very possitive. Thank you and God Bless Sharon
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    Hi Pam, It was good to hear from you. I have been wondering how you were doing. You are such an inspiration to us all. I'm glad you got some good news. I will continue to keep you in my prayers. I definately believe in miracles & we will just keep believing in one for you. I pray that your pain will get better. We don't know when it is going to be our time to go so just keep hanging in there. There is new drugs & new treatments in the works all the time. Love, Judy
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    Keep Up the good work Pam!! We are all praying for you!