Hormone Therapy

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Just a quick question for some of you. I have to have a hysterectomy following chemo due to a severe family history of cancer. I am 24 years old with a stage 2 breast cancer, my hormone receptors were negative but I was HER2 positive. Can I have hormone replacement therapy? My gyn. said no, but I have heard otherwise if you were estrogen/progestoran negative. Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks so much! Carrie


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    Carrie I'am 44 soon to be 45 on the 14th I was estrogen neg. but, hormone positive so I went on Tamoxifin last month. confused my Doctor at first so checked my blood and I went post menopause during chemo. My Onco. did some reasearch and decided that was still the best option for me. Sharon
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    I have been reading in alternative medicine sources that a lot of benefits can be gained (some of the same benefits of HRT) from plant estrogens, especially soy and isoflavones (the most beneficial part of soy). Also plant estrogens, which are mild, are supposed to be handled by the body better than the synthetic hormones in HRT. I don't know that you're going to get a lot of info from your doctors about this; might check in some of the books written about menopause in your health food store. Best wishes. - Gay