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I guess now that I know how my future will turn out to be, I am not sure that I have the motivation to anyhting. I miss being able to do sports adn everything. I am still seventeen and so much has already happened. My parents don`t know about the fact that I am sick. I couldn`t have the guts to tell them in the first place. Life can be so harsh on you at times. My parents just believe that I am depressed. But what can they really guess out of the situation that I am in. i think I need emotional support but i am not even sure of that. If any of you aren`t busy please reply to this and advise me on what to do..


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    Nellie have you been diagonised with lung cancer? You need to be truthful with your parents. No one loves you more than they do and they are there to help you in anyway they can. I will do everything I can to help you. Please let us know what the problem is.
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    Hi nellie, Do you have lung cancer? If you do, what type of cancer do you have? Tell us more, we all would be glad to chat with you. You will find people on this site that know what you are feeling, and are willing to share with you there experience. It helps! No one knows what the future will be except God! I hope you let us know how things are going for you....