First Chemo

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I had my first Chemo on Thursday pm and I am so tired and achey, is this normal? Has anyone else experienced this feeling? I am on the CMF and wondering if each will be this bad, I am very depressed over it and hoping this feeling will end shortly.I hate feeling so low.


  • pippi
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    Can you manage to go for a walk every day. I know its hard but it really does help. Love Pippi
  • cat1switzerland
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    Hi there! I was extremely tired too when on chemo. I just slept a lot. I tried to drink lots of water; I ate yoghurts, thin slices of ham, otherwise I wasn't very hungry the whole time. I know it is difficult to be so tired, especially when you are usually a very active person. But this will pass : after your treatment, it will quickly fade away and you will regain all your energy. It is important to rest if you can, this is the best way to help your body concentrate on this internal fight. Walking and going out a little bit every day is also a good idea. If you are feeling achey, ask your onc if there is something he could give you to prevent that. I had a horrible nausea during the days following my first chemo, so bad I couldn't eat or even drink water. I talked about it and got some zofran for the next chemos, and that helped me so much ! I hope you will soon feel better.

    Big hugs,