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hello, this is julie. I received disappointing news for my dad this past wednesday. his chemo treatments and radiation did not seem to work. his cancer has grown more. I will not give up hope for my daddy. as i hope you won't. i am trying all my resources to find out what it takes to get my dad on iressa. at this point he has nothing to loose. in response to your question about my dad having bone cancer, he was in extreme pain. the mass on his shoulder had deteriorated his bone to egg shell thin which in turn broke his bone and no one had any clue he had a broken bone, they all thought it was cancer related. he was in exteme pain and was unable to move because of the pain. if your dad has any major pain, it needs to be noticed. all cancer patients have so many different pains you don't know if they are cancer related or just due to there low performance. I have yet to find some helpful advice on how to get my dad on iressa, if you have any knowledge, please let me know. i am a survivor of hope and will. i will not give up on my dad. i wish the best for you and your dad and may all god's blessings go your way. thank you for your response. julie


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    Hi Julie,
    My dad is also my best friend with stage IV cancer of the lung. He just started chemo and that was fine but he had a lot of pain in his leg and he cannot walk. The doctor is going to start him on iressa after a few chemo trials. My sister talked to the national cancer society and then we found a doctor in our state who would administer it. Good luck to you and your family and stay positive.