My Mother's Daughter update

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I'm so sad tonight as I sit in my home far away from my mother who is afraid and waiting for the next bit of news about this ugly menace cancer! I'm so angry about this whole thing and I pray to God she will be "relieved" in heaven of her suffering...and I know she will be. Praise God amen. Friday am Mom is going into the hospital after a Thursday bone scan to see if the cancer has spread into the bone. The surgeon will sedate her and go for a biopsy of a lymph node he feels is probably involved. Should there be a spreading he will then put in a catheter for chemo. Otherwise, should she be confined to the tumor they will then remove the tumor. What are her real chances should she not get surgery just with chemo? This website states a 5 year mortality of 1%. That's really awful. I know there has to be other ideas out there. Please respond and pray for Mom.


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    First, do not look at statistics. As Bernie Siegel, a wonderful author of many books, will tell you, only one person knows when you are going to die-God. And my lung cancer (4/24/01) has a 41% survivial rate on this website, and 3 of my doctors told me it was 90%. And I could be killed in a car accident tomorrow. Keep reading, writing, and talking with people who have been there. We love to talk and tell our stories of success! It's just a little scarey right now. My email is [email protected]. Good luck.