Tell me it's not that bad!

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I just got back from the onco and he said liver mets. Have to do a biop on Thursday. Please tell me if it will hurt. I can't stop crying. I thought I was clean. I was Stage 1, node neg. Did lump-chemo-rads and finished in Dec. The was 6mo ago. All this time these tumors were growing from 1 subcentimenter to multiple 5x4 4x2.4 and more. How could this happen.
How does the chemo for this make you feel?
Does your hair fall out?
Do you blow up like a balloon?
I just don't have the will power to research
this for my self.
Hugs - Theresa


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    Theresa, I'm so sorry to hear your news, you will be in my thoughts and prayers. Hugs
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    My heart cries for you. I am so sorry to hear of this. I am praying for you earnestly.
    Love, Jayne
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    Hello Theresa, Rosa (Tiger) is the person you need to talk to about liver mets. She will have all your answers. She has been fighting this criminal for quite some time and WINNING....I went to your web page to see what chemo you received and saw that you got 4 rounds of A/C and radiation. Are you Her-2/neu positive? My cancer is stage 2, grade 2/3 and I had 1 positive node, Her-2/neu 3+, and I also had a lumptectomy, 4 cycles of A/C and 4 cycles of Taxol and 33 rads. I have been taking 10 mg Tamoxifen 2 times daily since the start of treatment. I know that the Her-2 makes cancer cells more aggressive. Theresa, I know that this is a devastating discovery but do not lose hope and continue to fight this monster with all your strength and soul. New meds are coming everyday and soon there will be something that will erase this cancer for all of us. Stay in touch, it does help to talk about our fears. Sending lots of love to you, Nancy
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    Hey Theresa. I'm so sorry for what you are going through right now but keep your chin up! You are going to be okay. The chemo for me was not bad at all. I know I might be and exception to the rule but it was not bad. As far as losing your hair.....get it shaved before it starts to fall out. That was recommended to me and I feel as though it was the best thing to do. When you do that then you feel as though you did that to yourself and not the cancer or chemo. Just have fun with some cool bandanas, scarfs, hats or a wig. I prefered the bandanas with ball caps but everyone is different. Just know that it is not permanent and have fun with it. When you are able to find the humor in things such as that then it makes it much easier. YOu will be in my thoughts and prayers Theresa! Hang in there!!!!! Sheri
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    I was waiting to hear from you, but found my answer on this site. I certainly understand the crying part, which is why with my last cancer I went on Paxil. I highly recommend any drug that calms the nerves. I also have every book Bernie Siegel has ever written on tape, and spent hours listening to them in my car. Remember, I was the one with 2 breast cancers and a lung cancer in 8 years. After this last one, I am now seeing a therapist who specializes in women's health. Take one step at a time, and reach out for help. We all need help at times. And read "Tuesday's with Morrie"

    hugs to you
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    I ditto everything that's already been said to you. Will the biopsy you're doing Thursday be a needle biopsy or a biopsy to remove the growths. I once had a liver needle biopsy many years ago when I picked up a Hepatitis bug in Mexico. They did it with a local anaesthetic and I had slim to little pain after it.
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    Sorry, I didn't finish with the last message.
    After you pick yourself up from what I call "The Mack Truck Effect", a perfectly natural even sane reaction to the news you've received, you will feel like fighting again, even doing research. For inspiration, read Lance Armstrong's "Not Without My Bike" if you haven't already. By God, if he can do it all of us can too; and he's just a guy!
    Make sure you've got the very best oncologist for your type of cancer (ask for your full pathology report to make sure you know exactly what all the specs are on the cancer you're dealing with so you can shop intelligently for an oncologist and can show them the path report), and make sure his or her attitude is that s/he is going to help you beat this. I know others who have. You can too. The mind and your beliefs are a powerful resource in fighting this disease. Keep us posted so we can all continue to support you in your fight. - Gay