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Dear Friends,
Some of you I feel like I already know, as I've pursued the discussion on occasion. I marvel at your support and willingness to share.
Within less that a month I was diagnosed with bc, had surgery, installed a port, and started chemo. I just had the 2nd treatment of Adriamycin & cytoxan yesterday. I'll get 2 more & then 4 Taxol, followed by radiation. I've considered travel(4 hr flight) for a short visit to see family. I'm wondering if it's easier to do while on the AC, since I'm reading about side effect of Taxol. Any advise? Anything else I should consider? Thanks,


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    Hi Vicki I took AC and Taxotere. My doctor thought it best to travel in the third week after a treatment because the Blood Counts are closer to normal and I was taking Nuepogen and Procrit. Remember Airplanes have very bad air and many people who may be sick. I took a 2 hour flight while on Taxotere and had no problems ... it was great to get away and do something "normal". Have fun!!
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    Hi Vicki, Talk to your doctor about protecting your arm while flying. I have read that it is good to wear a compression sleeve for air travel. I would think as long as your CBC is ok that you could travel. A/C always drops your white count about 15 days after treatment and allows you to be more susceptible to infection or sickness. The week just before your next treatment is the safest. Taxol will give you aches for about 4 days and will start about 4 days after treatment. After that you should be good to go. Taxol did not lower my white count at all and I felt much better while taking the Taxol. Take your trip and enjoy it to the fullest. Family is the BEST MEDICINE you can receive. Love to you, Nancy