Port hurting & very uncomfortable!

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Thankx to everyone who responded to my AC questions. I have another (hardly suprising!!) My port was put in yesterday and is hurting a bit but is very very uncomfortable. It seems as if its moving around when I lie down, stand up etc Also when I lift the arm it hurts. Is this normal? HELP!!!


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    thanks auntie that helps
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    Reni, I thought the port was a band aid procedure but it was a little more than that. I was slightly remorseful at first, because it hurt for a few days. Also, I didn't like the way it "clicked" against my clavicle when I raised my arm to eat, etc. Then I realized I needed to make pals with this thing. It would save me a lot of pain and would be the vessel for life-saving drugs. Since then it has been terrific. It has "settled" in. It is a Godsend when it comes time for chemo. It's my superhighway!
    God Bless. Vicki
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    my port was sore,etc, at first so my doctor suggested warn compresses in addition to the advil or whatever you take for pain. i took warm soaking baths in epsom salts to deal with the soreness, etc and used a good moisturizer/lubricant like vaseline on the surrounding skin to keep it from hurting during movement or before sleep, in case i bashed it turning over during the night. i've only started using the Emla cream before chemo and afterwards the next day if my port hurt. hope this helps. hugs,cj