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Heh everybody this is cheryl from tcbangels.
I'm sending a little note to you for something i'm trying to do on internet.There is a lot od people on this internet thats suffering from some kind of disease ,i mean a lot i surf the webs at night & see all these diseases not just cancer ,everything, so i came up with this ideal no not me but my LORD came up w/ it.What it is that at 9:00am every morning say a prayer for all sickness that are suffering on internet & at 6:00pm also do the same & you dont try to figure out the time for everybody to pray together ,whats to do whenn its 9:00am at your house say a pray at that time at 6:00pm say a prayer because their will be praying everyday for hours at a time for internet people suffering.If you cant pray at that time pray at a time thats convenient for you.Lets stand with our LORD & pray to kill these horrible diseases plus to help our kids on school violence as well .we all need to stand toogether in prayer with out LORD Jesus Christ & kick these diseases& violence out of the circle& let JESUS be in the circle instaead will you pray with me & others thank you
in Jesus name


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    That sounds like a very good idea to me, and I will join in on this prayer time. Yes, there is definitely a lot of people out there suffering from that disease and the numbers are growing each day. I also just pray to God that we can someday beat this terrible disease. Prayers are powerful and by joining together, that should help even more. God Bless & Amen. Lucy