okay they are going to do the profolactic cranial radiation thing to me, please let me know how it w

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Hi I have lung cancer, wheather it is small cell or nsclc is still up for debate, but they tested it with a needle biopsy and it came back scar tissue, so now the next step is brain radiation pci, I am spooked, on top of being scared at every ache and afraid it is cancer again, I am afraid that this proceedure is going to leave me dumber than normal, anyway please let me know whhat you know


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    Hi Tee. My name is Mark & I recentley completed 30 treatments of the PCI procedure. My last day of radiation July 27th. I lost my hair, again (lost it from chemo), experienced fatigue, severe headaches, swelling of my head & tear ducts, & very dry skin on forehead & head. I still have the fatigue & severe headaches. I don't know if the radiation or chemo caused the headaches, since I have had a headache for approx. 3 months. I requested this procedure because my biggest fear is that the cancer will spread to my brain. I was dx. with Extensive Small Cell Lung Cancer mets to lymph nodes & liver, on 2/2/01. My Onc. told me that this type of cancer likes to go to the brain!! I was told that I am in remission but the cancer "will return with a vengence!!" That was on 6/20/01. Even though I experienced side effects, I'm glad I had the PCI done. Hope this helps you. Take care, Mark.