Just finished A/C treatments

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Hello everyone! As of yesterday, I finished my last treatment of A/C. I am so excited! I will soon start weekly treatments of taxol and herceptin. Any info on this kind of treatment would be great. Does taxol cause any weight loss or gain? I will be so relieved when I am finished with my chemo. October 30 is my last taxol treatment. I have 12 weekly treatments of it. Then all I will have left is 40 weekly treatments of herceptin. And of course my reconstruction and hysterectomy. Any comments on reconstruction would be helpful as well. I'm not sure how I want mine done. The TRAM flap or just implants. Please let me know hoe you feel on both of these. Thanks for all of your help! Carrie


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    Dear Carrie:
    Congrats about A/C. You will be in my thoughts and prayers that all will go well for you with Taxol. It made me gain weight(about 6 or 8 pounds), but I lost it as soon as I came off treatments. Herceptin is no problem. Scan back through previous messages, we have talked many time about Taxol and side effects. Lots of discussions on tram flaps, etc. I am sure you will find them of interest. You may have to go back several pages or more to find what you are looking for.
    May God bless you always,
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    Hey Carrie. Glad to hear you've finished the a/c. That is a big milestone! The Taxol is not bad! I went on steroids to control the pain on day 3 and 4. That helped so much! After being on steroids I was just uncomfortable for a couple of days. I also did 52 treatments of herceptin and finished up on that on July 5th. Yeah!!!!!! I enjoyed my weekly visits to get herceptin. Lots of wonderful people and I felt as though I was taking my medicine. Good luck to you! The end of all your treatments will be here before you know it. Trust me! Take care and God Bless!
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    So glad to hear you made it through the A/C treatments. Those are some pretty harsh drugs. I think it was my sister (who teaches nurses) who told me that A/C is akin to Mustard Gas. Wow. I sailed through my treatments as well but the Taxol gave me a few joint problems...difficulty walking for a day or two about 3 days after an infusion. I was also on Herceptin for a few months but unfortunately it didn't work for me. The only side effects of the Herceptin were a constantly bloody nose and a bloody discharge. I think it was doing a number on my mucus membranes or something. As for the reconstruction of your breast, that's your decision. I opted not to have reconstruction done after doing my homework on the subject. Find out all you can on it before you decide. Good luck to you.
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    Hi Carrie, I was just as excited when I finished my a/c treatments. It is well worth a celebration. I am 3/4 finished with chemo now and am starting to see the light @the end of the tunnel. After that, only 5 years of tamoxifen. It's a great feeling! Good luck,cj