NSCLC Stage 4 and lymph nodes in chest

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To all the members of this board:

Thank you so much for your stories that you have shared with all of us. When I first wrote a message on this borad July,20, I was scared to death what the chemo treatments were going to do to my husband! We were told if we did not have but 4months to a year if we did nothing at all. Through your stories and support, I have a different vision of what my husbands future could be. Thank you so much, for you have renewed my spirit and his as well, for I make copies of your messages for him to read. I hope in the future that I can say we are in remission! By the way, I have put my husband on IP-6 and Inosital, shark cartledge and the grapeseed extract. I will let you know what we discover as we go through our journey.