Pain in my side?

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I have a faint ache in the rib area of the breast I had cancer in. I had a lumpectomy last November ... 6 months chemo... and just finished radiation on June 26. I feel a little tugging around the incision and the doctor felt that was normal ... but the ache in the ribs just started a couple days ago. Has anyone had this feeling? I have a chest X-ray and mammogram scheduled for 7/3.


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    You say a faint ache. Is the spot tender when you press down on it? Or is it aching all the time? Be sure and mention it to your doctor, but remember we still get aches and pains that have nothing to with cancer. My nurse told me not to worry unless problem persisted over two weeks.
    Good luck wishes for your x-ray and mamogram. May God be merciful and bless you.
    Hugs from Brenda
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    I got also a faint ache several months after chemo and about 8-9 months after the operation, I think. The ache was also on the side that had been operated. It became a stronger pain over the days, and got me really worried. It lasted about 2-3 weeks, and then gradually disappeared. The doctor had said there was nothing wrong, and my last exams proved it was certainly not related to cancer : I'm perfectly fine. My husband suggested there may have been some internal stitches during the operation, and the thread does dissolve over time. It can become a bit painful but is harmless.

    Take care,
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    I was told by one of the wonderful ladies on this site, that radiation causes the ribs on the affected side to become slightly weaker temporarily and that we should not be moving furniture! Perhaps you pulled something and it's more noticeable due to that. Sometimes even when we're sleeping we can twist or pull a muscle. I would make sure to mention it to the doctor when you go in, and of couse, if it worsens, call and get some advice. God bless you.