Made it through FAC treatment 1

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Well I am finally out of bed and moving again. This experience was horrible! I had the 5-FU and Cytoxin on Monday July 16. Then I had to wear the pump with Adriamyacin until last Thursday. The nausea was bad and the vomiting started After 2 days. I just finished some more steroids to help with it all. I was so weak I could barely function and my 2 year olds just did not do well at all with this. Any suggestions to make the next one on August 6 any easier?


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    Hi Tracy,

    It's good to hear from you, but so sorry that you had such a time with the new treatment.

    I looked up the use of pumps with adriamycin - was not even aware it was infused that way - and see that it is the very newest thinking.That's M.d.Anderson!

    Below is part of an article about pumps etc. which it said was written for the oncologist. Well, we can read it over their shoulders!!

    I would suggest that you talk to the oncologist about better timing of the anti-nausea drugs. I got decadron and Zofran and then Zofran for the next three days. That may help.

    Traci - Are you in a clinical trial?

    Below - the article which refers to PC cells(Prostate cancer cells)

    "Exposure Time

    Most chemotherapy agents kill cancer cells that are actively multiplying. PC cells generally grow slowly, which mandates that they receive a longer exposure time to the chemotherapy or other anticancer agent. Examples of ways to increase exposure time include daily oral therapy; a more frequent schedule of intravenous administration; or use of low-dose, continuous intravenous infusions administered by means of a computerized pump through a venous access device, such as a Port-a-Cath. Such protracted infusion delivery increases exposure time while decreasing the toxicity of chemotherapy. Drugs such as Cytoxan and Adriamycin have a much lower toxicity profile and a higher therapeutic index when given in this manner. We currently have a protocol in progress that employs Cytoxan, an active agent in PC, given as a continuous infusion over 120 hours. This is given in conjunction with another agent, 5-Fluorouracil, during the same period of time. This combination has shown high activity in advanced refractory breast cancer in a pilot trial. Since prostate and breast cancer are strikingly similar in so many ways, we have begun this program in advanced PC to utilize a long exposure time of drugs that are known to be active in PC. Moreover, the use of low-dose continuous chemotherapy has another advantage in lowering the toxicity of the drugs. Therefore, the therapeutic index, a measurement of efficacy and side effects, is greatly enhanced with protracted chemotherapy administration. Unfortunately, many oncologists are not familiar with the use of ambulatory infusion pumps or venous access devices such as the Port-A-Cath."
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    Hi Tracy,
    Glad to hear you made it through your ordeal. You are such a trooper. Hope all is well in your world otherwise. I think of you often. Be good to yourself first, your kids will be fine, you will see. They don't understand but that too will be a blessing when this is all over for you.
    Holding you close at heart,
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    Hi Tracy - It was so good to hear from you again and know that you are still fighting the good fight. I wish I could help you more, but really can't be much help with suggestions for your next treatment. I hope your onco is giving you something for the nausea - I know how terrible the nausea is and my heart goes out to you. Just hang in there my dear and my prayers continue to be with you. Also remember to keep a positive attitude at all times. God Bless - Lucy
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    My first treatment of A/C was like this too. I will tell you that my next treatment of it went by far better than the first one. I could get out of bed, felt a little nauseated, but could deal with it, had no vomiting at all. I just finished my fourth and final treatment of it yesterday. I am so relieved to have it done. I have children around your age as well. My daugher will be 2 in October and my son will be 5 in November. My kids don't deal to well with everything either. I send them to my Mother in laws for my treatments. It makes it easier on them and myself. Feel free to e-mail me! Take care and hang in there. Carrie