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On june 11 I finished 6 mos of chemo and 5 1/2 weeks of radiation. I am wondering what now. My onc says he doesn't do routine CAT scans to watch for any reoccurence. I was wondering what you all have been told about your followup care. I did have cancer in 17/23 lymphnodes. Anxious to hear from any of you. Thanks SANDY03073


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    I think the best advice that can be given to you is you are your own advicate for your health. After going through something like this we are well aware of our bodies and how they feel. We must be on top of all our aches and pains and if anything hangs around for more than a couple weeks get in to the doctor and have it looked at. Now it is up to us to keep ourselves in the HEALTHY, no one, not even the doctors can do that for us. Never let things go.