port-o-cath pain

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I have no idea what a port-o-cath is, but I had a Bardport inserted in my right chest just under my clavicle back in January. I am very tall and skinny and also right-handed. The port rides right on top of my muscles and looks as though it's about ready to pop out. Since my job requires a lot of physical exertion I am in pain most days after work. The surgeon who put the port in for me says I'm not going to injure myself but to be aware of any arm pain or numbness that might develop. So pain at the port sight is nothing new for me. Now my clavicle is beginning to ache like something might be wrong with the catheter that goes into the vein. If I had read all the information available on ports before I had it put it, I probably wouldn't have done it! Hang in there.