Non small cell lung cancer stage lV

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My husband was recently diagnosed with non small cell lung cancer state lv. After getting over the shock of this, I have been trying to find any information possible. The doctor at M.D. Anderson has put him on Taxol and carboplatin. This seems to be the treatment of choice after reading many of your post. My question is has anyone had this sort of cancer and survived? What am I to expect in the fight for life and the quality of life for my husband. I am trying to stay strong and find some new treatment that actually works. We did not fit the Trial study at M.D. Anderson. Please respond. In God we have hope. LWimberley


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    Hi lwimberley - I was diagnosed with non small lung cancer/ the brain in Jan. 2000. I was also on taxol, and carboplatin for chemo treatment, plus radiation. I have been in remission for the most part. I consider myself very blessed. I did very well with the chemo and radiation treatments. I did chemo treatments for 6 mos. and each treatment lasted 5 hrs. ButI always brought crafts to do, and tried to make it a fun time.

    I think when you are first told you have cancer you immediatly think death. It's not true. You can survive. But you need to believe it, and just live your life as you did before cancer. Cancer is not exactly fun, but it can also be a wonderful experience. I wouldn't change a minute of my life since I was diagnosed with cancer. One of the gifts you get with cancer, (and there are many ) is seeing what really is important in life, and what is not. I don't think I fight cancer so much, I just decided I wasn't going to stop living my life. Good Luck! loulou
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    Hi lwimberly,
    My mom was diagnosed with nsclc in August. The doctors said it was to advanced for radiation. They are giving her gemzar and carboplatin. What trial study at M.D. Anderson are you talking about?

    Gail S.