Slow Test Results?

I was just diagnosed with moderate displaysia. It took nearly 4 weeks to get the results of my PAP back. The Dr. called me to schedule an appointment right away because she felt it was very important to begin treatment immediately. If she had such a sense of urgency, why the heck did the lab take 4 weeks to look at my PAP? I'm terrified that my checkup in 3 months will take four weeks to get results - and the suspense this time would not be fun. Has anyone experienced anything similar? Is it normal for the hospital to take so long?


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    Hi there.
    It only took 1 week for me to get my results back. I think it has to do with your insurance. Certain companies won't pay for local lab work. As for urgency, abnormal cells in the cervix don't grow very fast. I have severe dysplasia. It would probably take 1/2 a year for your stage to get to mine. In any case, 4 weeks is too long! What kind of treatment did they do, or are they doing? My surgery is in 1 and 1/2 weeks. Where are you? My check ups are supposed to be every 4 months after my treatment, so I'm positive that if yours are every 3 and it does take 4 weeks, then you'll still be just fine. Besides, these procedures to eliminate precancerous cells are highly effective in most cases. No worries. :)
  • NO!! You need to get the name of the lab where your test are being sent, call them yourself and talk to a supervisor about what is taking so long. Find out who is reading your pap smears (pathologist or a lab tech)ask to have a pathologist to look at it. Some doctors offices send smears to other states.