Swimming With a Wig

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I like to swim at the Y and I was wondering if any one has any suggestions about swimming with a wig. I am going to go on the chemo AC and I am pretty sure I will lose all of my hair. I am afraid that when I am swimming the force of the water will flip my wig off. I can't wear a swim cap because my head is so small that I look terrible in them. I also do not want to go swimming bald. Swimming to me is theraputic and something that I definitely want to continue doing as long as I have the energy to do it. Looking forward to suggestions. LilMermaid


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    Dear LilMermaid, Swimming with a wig could be a real challenge and the energy spent worrying if it would flip off could ruin the fun of your workout. It takes a lot of courage to "go bald". It would probably feel wonderful....so free and aerodynamic. I read your personal web page. You are a couragous woman.... Keep swimming. Bald is beautiful. You are my hero. Love, Luckyj
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    I know this is something that most won't want to here but being bald has its positives. Imagine that your bald head will have you swimming faster since the water can rush right over your head, not causing resistance in the water.
    I walked around bald after loosing my hair. I was 36 and couldn't bring myself to wear a wig. All I could think about was how bad my grandmother looked in one when she was battling for her life. Many said it took courage to be so open but it was summer and I was having hot flashes so it was purely for comfort that I carried my bald head in the open. I often have to restrain myself come summer from not shaving my head because all I can remember was how wonderfully cool it was in the heat.
    Bald is beautiful and the public is getting use to seeing bald women because most know someone or even have had a family member go through this. No one is surprised by it.
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    Would it be possible to attach some sort of flesh colored strap to your wig and put it under your chin? This would be kind of like the strap on a swim cap. If your wig is fairly long, I would think it wouldn't be too noticeable. I would probably buy a really cheap wig to wear in the swimming pool...the chlorine will probably "do a number" on it bigtime.