Radiation following mastectomy and chemo?

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I'm 44 years old and just completed my 4th and final (Yea!!!) A/C chemo treatment last week. I had a mastectomy and reconstruction surgery in March. Fortunately, my lyph nodes were clear. With the last chemo behind me, I was so ready to start getting back to "normal". However, my oncologist has referred me to a radialogy oncologist later this week. My tumor, which was 2.5 cm and located at the edge of my breast tissue, did not have "clear margins". They did not find cancer in the margins that they removed. But because of the location, they were not able to get the size of margin they wanted to determine if it was "clear". (Hope you were able to follow that summary!) Since I will be seeing a radiology oncologist, I'm assuming he will recommend that I undergo radiation as a precaution. My oncologist said that the standard radiaton treatment is 5 days a week for 6-7 weeks. Has anyone else been faced with this situation and decision? I'm just trying to gather as much info as possible before I meet with the radiology oncologist. For those of you who have not yet completed your chemo, hang in there. I promise it will be over and you will feel strong and well again one day soon. Angie in Atlanta


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    I'm 46 and just completed my 4th Taxol following my 4th and final A/C so I know what you mean by YEA!!! Congratulations! I have stage III lobular breast cancer so they are trying to get better margins before they do the bi-lateral mastectomy which will hopefully be scheduled sometime in the next two weeks. If there is very much cancerous tissue left after all that chemo they will do two more taxols and then radiation. Radiation isn't optional for me. I haven't been through it so I can't say it would be worth it for you to do it if it isn't absolutely necessary but after surviving 4 A/C's how tough can it be! Anyway, I just wanted you to know it is also part of my treatment schedule so it's not uncommon. I feel like even though it might not allow you to get back to normal as quickly as you would like, it might insure that you stay normal once you get there. It sounds like you are doing great. Keep it up! C-in Salt Lake City