Heart damage from radiation

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I have read a lot in these posts about heart damage and radiation. Can someone elaborate? I am in my fourth week of radiation and all I was told was that the heart would be receiving some of the radiation. Sounds more serious than that from what you all have written.
Thanks, Jayne


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    Hi Jayne,

    I haven't started radiation yet but was told by the doctor that 10 years down the road I could have heart trouble. Three months after I could have shortness of breath indicating lung damage which heals. Also he said I could get a broken rib - I said how does that occur - he said radiation can soften the ribs temporarily making a break more likely. A friend said to me - well, don't do any moving of furniture etc. that you like to do!

    All risks are very small, he added, like 1%, but are higher for the left breast because the heart is on the left side.

    Supposedly new machines are much better designed to only radiate -mostly- what should get radiation and not much elsewhere.

    I guess trust and optimism are needed!!

    Good Luck, Jean
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    If you're serious about researching information about radiation side effects see below:

    If not, take the chance????