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could someone help me, I was diagnosis with breast cancer in Feb. Since then i've had a lumpectomy and radiation treatments. Now i'm getting fibrocystic cyst on my other breast. I've had a biopsy done about 3 weeks ago, and it came back beign. But now i'm getting alot more lumps in my breast. So my question is that what I read that cancer tumers do not move. Is that true?
This discussion area has help me keep my hopes up. Thank you, and God bless you all


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    It seems to be quite common. I had a mastectomy on the side I had cancer. I had wanted a bilateral mastectomy but was advised against it. I had 4 lumps grow and had them removed before finally having the second mastectomy. I have to say once that was done it was a little easier to take mentally. Not for everyone though.
    I think you are experiencing other growths not all cancerous.
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    hope I can help you,when i was about 25yrs old I was diagnose w/ fibrocystic cyst.i got really scare because I didn't really know what it was.My doctor told me that very likely I would get cancer.This is how they explain to me, learn your breast very well every little knot whatever but feel your breast until you know all whats in it.I want you to understand what i'm saying he told me that once i know my breast than i will know when something is different in it,he told me like this say you go to bed that night you know what all you have of furniture in your room well when you wake up the next morning thers a orange chair in there you look & say heh where did that come from it wasn't in here when i went to bed last night.well thats how you do your breast that orange chair shoulnt be there & if something is different in breast you will know the same as the orange chair you know your body if you don't feel right about something make them check you out better safe than sorry right also if you have fibrotic cystic get off caffeine plus take vit-e but check w/ dr first ok i mean don't just go by what i said always double check w/ dr on anything that we tell you
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    I found a lump in my breast when I was 21 years old and it scared me to death (this was back in the dark ages, when cancer was not as treatable as today). A lady I was working with had a surgeon in her family and phoned him and got me an appointment because I was so scared--the doctor sent me word by her, that if I could move the lump around with my fingertips, then he could practically guarantee it was benign. It was called a fibroid adenoma, and was benign. I never forgot those calming words; and sadly knew when this last one came along--it was bad--cause it was rock hard and stable--like part of the body.
    Keep your faith--your mental attitude affects your immune system.
    God bless you.