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Hello everyone - I have been on a much needed vacation, feeling pretty good too. My radiation treatments just started and I have also noticed my arm feels so very heavy. I talked to my doctor about it today and she has me schedule to see a physical therapist. I haven't heard much about this here, is this common? Is there anything I can do to help aleviate this? Thanks. Susan


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    Some of us who have had bilateral mastectomies have it in both arms. Once the lyphnodes are disected, biopsied, the lymph system has been altered and doesn't work quite the same. When we have infections they help to fight it. We have so many lymphnodes that they truly don't know how many for sure. They are in clusters in various areas of the nody. Arm pits, around the neck. It was also thought that exercise exaserbated the problem when in fact they now know it helps. It can be painful as well because it can pinch nerves and nerve ending. There are stockings you can wear to keep the swelling contained and don't get needles or blood pressure on the arm affected. Hard to do when you have two, they just clean better if they know that.
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