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I am supposed to go on to tamoxifin according to my surgeon. Six months after completing treatment i'm not sure whether i want any more drugs in this body of mine. I would love to hear how people are coping with it. Are they happy taking it?


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    Welcome! I've been on Tamoxifin since Oct. 2000. The only side affect I've had is Hot Flashes! They come and go. They seem to be a bit more now that the weather is warm but I don't know if that is just coincidence!All the other possible side affects are rare. The uterine cancer possibility is easy to monitor by having an ultrasound every 6 mos. If changes occur, they stop the meds until they reverse themselves then restart them.There is a new concern re: new tumors that may develop being more aggressive but they're still experimenting! Do some research,talk to your MDs. You have to make that final decision. I'm ok with it! Good luck! Cathy
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    I took tamoxifen for 5 years after my Chemotherapy and radiation, I wasn't too sure of it either but had no side effects from it.
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    Tamoxifen has been recommended to me, too. I have talked to friends who have taken it. The side effects are scary. One friend told me she would rather have cancer again and stopped taking it after 2 yrs.