Hot flushes on Taxol

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Anybody with any wisdom on taxol hot flushes,tell me quick! I'm roasting! Can someone tell me how long these hot flashes last during the 3 week period?
Due to some good advice from kind survivors here, I think I have the body aches and foot/leg pain covered.
It's the hot flashes that have taken me by surprise.I would have one every once in awhile, but they passed.Not so now.


  • sharon_buck
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    Each of us is probably different. I had these but, they would come and go at night was the worst. They passed in time some ladies were able to take meds. for this I'am sure they will respond to your question. I got through the taxol flashes and now on th tamoxifin hot flashes. Covers on covers off!!!Sharon
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    No real wisdom. My worst hot flashes were at night. Keep plenty of clean sheets and gowns handy. I would have to get out of bed and completely change my linens and gown. It will get better after you finish your chemo. For me it was just ride the tide and thank God I was alive. This to shall pass. What we learn during this time gives us strength for the future that we never imagined was possible.
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    Hi cj
    I have had AC and am now on tamoxifin for 5 years. I was just about finished menopause, when I got ba (age 56) The hot flashes were horrendous---night and day!!! I typed in hot flashes on the internet and quite a few articals came back with a new drug called effexor. i started it 10 days ago 12.5gms morning and night. Within 24 hours the change was remarkable. I still get about 2 or 3 in 24 hours but they are a lot milder. Good Luck
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    Hey - I get these too. I get treatments on Friday and by Saturday noon - I look like I have been under a tanning lamp and fell asleep. My face is about 5000 degrees but just my face. That's weird huh? They call it the Dex glow - do you get that or overall hotflashes? Well, drink lots of water and take frequent showers - that's all I can give you. I get them at work and I am about to die sometimes. I believe they go away after. Are you on weekly Taxol or every three weeks? Well, soon it will be over, regardless. Good luck! Karen