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I wonder if there are many like me out there who are amazed how much God is addressed through this fight for life. I just wanted to say that there was a time when I figured some people hid behind God to avoid what is going on in thier lives.
When I was diagnosed with Cancer my mother asked me "Are you praying?" This coming from a woman who turned her back on it when I was a teen. That had a great impact on me. She suggested if I wasn't I had better start.
I have struggled with this issue. Not out of anger or sympathy. I have struggled with the whole higher power thing. I saw judgements and the almightier than thou ones. But like many things my mother said this was worth considering. Marianne Williamson wrote Illuminata and this book changed truly who I view God. I guess I have been praying all along just didn't know it.
Keeping you all close at heart.
Tara 24242


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    Dear Tara:
    I have always heard the saying 'none so blind as those who refuse to see'. I thank God that He lifted the scales from your eyes and now you can see forever!
    Love, Brenda
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    This whole fight is definitely about spirit. The spirit or faith or whatever gets you thru some long nites is how survivors are exactly who and what they are.The fellowship and comradeship is part of the journey.
    There are those with a great sense of humor, those who literally never say die, that are the inspiration for us all.
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    God has given me strength beyond all understanding during my fight with cancer. He has shown me miracles I would have never known to pray for. My mother died of a 13 year fight with breast cancer two years before I was diagnosed. I never dreamed this would happen to me. The hardest part was facing the reality of what my mother had gone through and how little attention I paid to her struggle. It took God to forgive me for how guilty I felt. Even now it makes me cry and I miss her so. God has given me an almost unshakeable peace of mind and a love for life like I could have never known. Pray - and you will see his answers are more precious than you could ask. I have this saying, "Everyday above ground is a great day!" and the other side of that is that when it's time to leave I have no doubt that I will see God. Jesus said,"In my Father's house are many mansions. If it were not so, I would have told you."