Scan results are clear!!

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Thank all of you for your prayers...they were definitely answered! They found that I have arthritis in my lumbar portion of the spine AND a "cystic mass" on my right ovarie. I asked if the cyst showed up on the scans in Jan. and they said yes. (no one told me). Seeing a new gyno next Friday to check this out. My feeling is ...get rid of it!!!! I want nothing strange in my body anymore if I have any control over it!!!!!1
Started the Tamoxifen last week and feeling great. For those of you that have been here, you must know how FREE I feel at this point. Now I can really concentrate on my recon surgery on the 20th. For those of you who are still in chemo, see how things can change? God gives us strength to see our way through these trials and He will help all of us. My prayers and love to each and everyone of you! Praise God!!
Mel in ARkansas


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    God does indeed answer prayer. I am so happy for you!
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    Dear Mel:
    All I can say is "Thank you Jesus for Mel's good news". Prayers are powerful; and on this site we can get prayers from around the world. Fantastic!!
    Hugs to you from Brenda from GA.
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    Mel, As everyone else has said it is good to hear your new's!!! Sharon