Radiation fatigue, am I alone?

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Hi. I'm new to this group and have read some of the nicest messages today. I have had a lumpectomy and 29 of 33 radiation treatments. I am so tired all the time and am wondering how long this will last after the treatments are over. Anyone have any experience or advice? Thanks


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    I think many of us feel like you do. I know after everything I wondered if I would ever feel better again.
    I think the best things we can do for ourselves are the simplest of them all. Eat even though we don't feel like it. Drink plenty of fluids and get the rest if we are tired, WE MUST BE # 1 now. Everything else will be there when we are done.
    Take good care of yourself,
    If you need help you will have to ask for it.
    It isn't easy.
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    Hi and welcome to the group. I have to tell you your in very good company. I think almost all of us have felt a drain on our engery during treatment. But I'm here to tell you it does get better. I'm a four year survivor. It took some time after my treatments to feel good again. But I will tell you my engery level went through the roof about a year after my treatments finished. So chin up and remember "this too shall pass" But until then get as much rest as you can and dink plenty of fluids and some freash air never hurt anyone. If you dont feel like a walk just sit on the porch for a while. Wishing you well.
    Hugs Laura
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    My first experience with radiation fatigue hit me during a meal in which i wasn't sure I was going to finish, and all I wanted to do was get home to my bed.Nobody had told me about the rapid onset or any of the other symptoms.I button-holed a tech at the next treatment and finally got the information that I should've had from the beginning! I then knew what was happening when it happened again. I found out that I was going to one of the group that the fatigue affected more than others.I also had some nasty radiation burns that healed up in about 2 weeks after radiation was finished. The fatigue passed in about a month.All the advice about fluids and rest applied to me. I have received alot of information here that the medical profession should've given me! Best of luck,cj
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    I too have had lumpectomy and only 12 more radiation treatments to go (out ot 33) YES< YES YES. Just last Fri I began to have a day or 2 without a 2 hr. nap. Even after the naps, I felt tired. My energy level is about 1/2 what it normally is. My Dr. said it takes about 3 months for most people and some as long as a year to get their energy back. Good Luck to You!! And hang in there, we will make it. Rita