Has anyone taken Leukine or Neupogen with chemo?

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Because of a persistent infection that keeps coming back when my WBC's are down (in the site of the lumpectomy), my doctors are recommending that I take Leukine shots (similar to Neupogen) for 7 days after chemo to boost my immune system. Have any of you done this? Did you experience any side effects? Do you know how much it boosted your neutrophils or WBC's? I'd appreciate hearing about your experience?


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    When I was having chemo I had he same problem. My oncologist explained to me that Leukine raises your WBC's more quickly than the Neupogen but doesn't sustain the count as long. If he wanted me to have sufficient counts for chemo he would switch to the Leukine and raise the counts long enough to continue the treatments - with the Leukine shots my counts multiplied almost 5 times in 3 days. The only problem I had was that I had some aching in my sternum area - the nurse explained this was the source of the primary creation of the blood cells and would go away when the shots ended - it did with no other side effects. Good luck with the shots. I thought they were a blessing that allowed me to have all my chemo treatments on time as scheduled.
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    Hi! While taking my 8 rounds of chemo, I took the neupogen shots. It really help my white blood count. I only got behind on 1 treatment, by 2 days. If I had not taken the shots, my onologist said that I would had to be hospitalized, for not having no immune system. I had some pain after taking them for a couple of days, the nurse said that was my cells growing. I wish you the best of luck. May God Bless you. Maggie
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    It is amazing since I was one of the first people up here in Vancouver area to take this shot just 4 years ago. They almost lost me because the infection became septic, raging blood infection. When I recieved Neupogen it was a last ditch effort to get my counts up to fight off the infection. Within 24 hours it helped and after 4 my bone marrow was jolting me pulsing in pain. They really didn't even know how much to give me. If your bones are aching bad and you are jolted with pain you can stop taking. I just took it one shot for four days but I see lots of you out there taking it for extended periods of time. I am very sensitive to all medications and chemo and radiation. We are all different. It is truly amazing what there is out there today to help with side affects some of us are left with. Hang in there I know how you feel.