Effexor for hot flashes

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Yes, I have been taking Effexor for about a year now and I am down to a few mild hot flashes a day. I started out at 12.5 mg twice a day for one week; then 25 twice a day for some months. When I told my oncologist that the Effexor was helping but did not completely stop the flashes, he increased the dose to 75 a day, and that is the dose I take now. I experience no side effects whatever, and consider the flashes I do have usually tolerable. By the way, I have been taking Tamoxifen for 3 1/2 years now. It will be interesting to see when I stop after 5 years if the hot flashes go away completely or if I'll still need the Effexor.


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    My Dr. prescribed Effexor, too. I did not fill the prescription. I asked him if I could try a Soy product instead. He said, hesitantly, that it would be OK to do that,too. I started taking Estroven(1 in the a.m. and 1 in the p.m.) I haven't had a hot flash or night sweats since the day after I started them. The recommended dosage is 1 per day(only 50 mg of soy) I tried 1/day and that was not much help. A friend of mine has taken soy for several years and told me that 100 mg/day is what was recommended to her.