A/C and Hair Loss

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Thanks to everyone who replied to my message, "Mom Newly Diagnosed." My mom has pretty much decided on the A/C over the CMF, because she just wants to get the chemo over with, but like many others who have written in, she is very worried about hair loss - I have read many messages about hair loss already, but am wondering if people who have been through the 4 treatments of A/C might be able to offer any more advice or personal experiences with hair loss? Also, if anyone has any advice about the choice of A/C over CMF, I'm interested to hear what others have done. I really appreciate any responses - my family is still very new to this!


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    CMF is an older protocol - still used if the person's heart is not strong enough for the A in AC - Adriamycin. If the MUGA test shows heart is ok, usually now AC is used because Adriamycin is considered about the best follow-up after surgery.

    Someone might choose CMF to avoid complete hair loss. It only causes hair thinning, I've read.

    For myself, I feel that the hair loss is minor to getting effective treatment to be in remission for a LONG time which is what I personally am hoping for.

    Good Luck to your Mom- she is going through a lot right now.

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    hi there tell your mom JESUS loves her a lot.I had adrimicin & lost hair the hair is no biggy.What you all neesd to think about is the right treatment to kick that big C !!!! word out of her.I had it 6yrs ago & still cancer free,all of you go through it together thats how we did it my whole family was there for me & thats what matters just be there for your mom on whatever she wants to tlk about it right now all of you are scared but it will get better if need to talk send me a email here on cancer network my start page is tcbangels web is angel on my shoulder keep your faith in the Lord & he will pull you all through
    in JESUS name cheryl
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    I don't know how old you mom is - but I am 51 and had A/C treatments. I bought a wig before treatments to be sure it matched my hair, then my son-in-law and I had a hair shaving party. I think it was a good idea - it was hard deciding to do this but much better than waking up in the morning losing more hair. Losing hair is also extended to other parts of your body as well - but hopefully your mom will look at it positively - if the chemo is attacking the hair cells it is attacking the cancer cells as well. My hair is now growing back (soft and gray) - but nothing that my hairdresser can't change back to the auburn. I'm just thankful that God brought me through the tratments to the healthy state I now enjoy.
    May your mom have the same blessings. Encourage to be positive and look at this as a temporary stage on her road to wellness.
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    Hi! I took A/C chemo and taxol. I too lost my hair, at first I was worried but when your 7 year old son looks at you and tells you, he doesn't care if you have hair, as long as he has his mommy!! I would go around bald forever if I could stay well. I will remember your mom and family in my prayers, this is a tough road for everyone that has to face it. May God Bless you all, maggie
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    i shaved my head 2 weeks after the first round of a/c, and most other hair (lashes, brows, etc) fell out shortly thereafter. i finished my 4 rounds, then went to weekly taxol. i'm now halfway through the taxol treatments, and the hair and lashes are growing back at an astonishing rate. didn't expect that to happen.
    everyone is different, but once the hair goes and you get over it, you find here are so many things that are much more important. and when it starts growing back, it's like a bonus because you almost get used to being bald after a while.
    the best treatment and the best chance at a good, long, healthy and productive life are good things to focus on. the hair thing is just a minor inconvenience.
    best of luck to your mom and your family. i'm sure she'll make the decision that she feels is right for her.
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    Hi There
    I have just had 2nd chemo on Adriamycin & lost my hair after 2 weeks on first cycle. We shaved it off as it was a pain getting everywhere. It's no big deal & I can't be bothered with the wigs & scarves as they are so itchy. It's no big deal & everyone says I look cool. It shows the chemo is working & attacking the fast growing cells as it is supposed to so look upon it as a positive sign. Tell your mum it's who she is inside that matters & hair or no hair can't change that. All she needs is your love &positive encouragment. Good luck to her. Love Pam
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    Hello! I am 24 with breast cancer. I lost my hair only 2 weeks after my first treatment of A/C. I thought that it would be hard and that others would make fun of me. What really happened is that some of my friends shaved their heads to be supportive of me. My girlfriends all wear bandanas with me. It's not as bad as I thought that it would be. In fact, it's great for the summer. A friend of mine told me that God gave very few people perfects heads, the rest of them he put hair on. Tell your mom to keep her chin up and stay positive. It will grow back and when it does, she will be healthy. Our Lord would never give us anything we can't handle. Take care! Carrie