Surviving lung cancer

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I was diagnosed with lung cancer in August of 1998 and given less than a year to live. My daughter, who is an RN, happened to be watching a talk show on the day I was diagnosed. It dealt with healing and how to heal diseases with natural therapy.

The Lord led us to an excellent oncologist, who prescribed three bouts of chemo, three weeks apart. Then removal of the upper left lung. Then I had three more bouts of chemo.

Almost three years later, I am still cancer-free.

While following all the directions of my oncologist, I also followed the healing diet and recommendations of Dr. Lorraine Day. It involves a strict diet: no sugar, no white flour, no meat and no dairy. Also involves large quantities of vegetable juices and water. Also involves prayer and optimism.

Two weeks prior to my lobectomy, the CT scan showed that the tumor had shrunk by 1/2. When they removed the upper left lobe, and sent it to pathology, the surgeon was concerned because he thought he had removed the wrong lobe (my oncologist told me that). There was no viable cancer found in the removed lobe. The nurses at St. Luke's in Kansas City were calling me a "miracle." And since my daughter is a nurse, I know nurses are people who don't use the word "miracle" lightly.

I cannot say what the definitive component of my treatment was. I do believe that God had a strong part in it.

I hope that relating my experience will be of benefit to someone. You may access the special diet at Be advised if you follow the juicing regimen, you need a good quality juicer. We burned up four Wal-Mart juicers before getting one that cost almost $500. It was worth it, though.

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    Could you please tell us what type lung cancer you had and if you had any lymph node involvement?
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    Could you please tell us what type lung cancer you had and if you had any lymph node involvement?

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    Dear Carolyn, I am new to this sight and just read your message. Thanks for the information. It is pretty scary. I have had nothing but tests for the past 2 weeks and more to come. It's like this takes on a life of its' own. I am going to check out the site for the diet. If you have any other suggestions I am