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Lola's prayer should inspire each of us to share some inspirational words; poem; bible verse; quotes, etc. I would love to read more. I have saved each card that friends have sent and like to reread those that were most healing to my heart! I'll share one with a Helen Steiner Rice poem (she's good):
"I Meet God in the Morning"
I meet God in the morning and go with Him through the day,
Then in the stillness of the night before sleep comes I pray
That God will just take over all the problems I couldn't solve, and in the peacefulness of sleep my cries will all dissolve...
So when I open up my eyes to greet another day,
I'll find myself renewed in strength and there will open up a way
To meet what seemed impossible for me to solve alone, and once again I'll be assured

Wishing all of you a sound sleep, and a restful day warmed by the light of God's love.
Hugs from Brenda (GA)