regarding her2 and brain mets

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Hi ladies, I hope this message finds you all doing well. In regards to the Her/2 gene mets to brain more often than not, I think someone is confused. Breast cancer usually travels to bones, brain, lungs and liver, before going anywhere else as these organs secrete a substance(cannot remember name) that the cancer cells are very attracted to , to use as a food source, that is why you do not see many people with breast mets colon, etc. But even if it does met someplace else, there is always hope. Dont let the phrase the onco utters scare you into not fighting anymore. I am living proof that mets can be kept under control and still have a good quality of life.Faith, laughter and love can heal the biggest hurts, as long as we all keep that in mind, we will beat this **** Beast, as one of the other ladies lovingly called it.Fight the good Fight and Fu-k the cancer.
You all take care, and even though I dont post alot anymore, I am always out here sending love your way.
Hugs from Tiger


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    Hi Tiger,

    You're darn right ! Have you read the book written by Lance Armstrong ? He had brain cancer plus prostate cancer, got cured, and went on to win the Tour de France on his bicycle ! I gave the book to my Mom, she used to feel sorry for me because I had cancer, now I think she's expecting me to do something pretty incredible or else she'll think I'm a wimp... I should never have given her this book !

    Take care, Tiger,

    With a big hug,
    Cathy (from Switzerland, where it is getting close to midnight and I have to go to work tomorrow. Oh shoot !)