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Hello Nancy,
I'm so sorry to have alarmed you or anyone concerning Her2 and brain cancer. I only asked this question because of reading this from someone else's statement of it. I've seen 3 cases of it in the chemo room in the past year and after reading this from another person on-line I became frightened and wondered if anyone knew anything about this. I am so sorry if I worried anyone out there! I have no facts on this. I probably should have worded that different. Just let me know if you find out anything! I am also strongly positive(3). Have a great day!


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    Hi Sheri, Thank you for the reply. I had a good friend that did have breast cancer mets to brain, but she was not Her-2/neu positive. My feeling is that this criminal can sneak into any body organ without preference. I just wanted to know if there were stats on brain mets in particular. I go back to see my Oncologist next month for my first post chemo check up and I will ask his opinion and let you know what he tells me. I already know that he will assure me not to worry about this. When my friend found out about her brain cancer, I discussed it with him and his response was that it was a tragic situation but it was not me and would not be me and to put the thought out of my mind. He believes that thoughts influence so many things. Try not to worry about this and I will pass on any information I find. Love to you, Nancy