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would you all please describe your chemo experiences. I am 50 it that too old to get chemo and do well while on it. I'm not in real good shape don't exercise or eat right and am kind of frail. Just weight 89 lbs. Could I still do okay on chemo.I don't want to loose more weight, can you eat while on chemo.


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    More information on your cancer situation and what your doctor-oncologist- has said would help us more with answers to you.

    50 is NOT old. I am 63 and getting chemo. I had AC 4 cycles and yesterday taxol #3 - one more to go on July 13 - a Friday! LOL!

    I get Zofran with all my treatments and then I took Zofran for three days after the AC treatments for prevention even tho' I did not feel nauseous. I ate and had no problem except one week after #3 AC I had a bad case of mouth sores and then it was hard to eat - needed all soft things and liquids for the week they lasted.You can always supplement yur meals with Boost and Ensure - taste better cold.

    Taxol- I have not taken anything except the Zofran with the treatment.

    Have you asked your doctor the questions you hace asked us here. It is important that you tell him/her your concerns and what's on your mind. Do you feel confident with the medical care you are getting etc.Let us know more, if you care to elaborate. Good Luck.

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    it goes by your system i had chemeo when i was 43 i didn't even throw up but one time but everybody is different.I 'll tell you this when my Mom had chemeo she only weigh 77lbs she was ashort & tiny little thing & i'm her daughter tall & a big thing ha ha!she had to have like 7hrs a month of it.she threw up & she would get a little under the weather but she get back up cook, drive , & do shopping she took it good my mom did good on it i bekieve you will to just keep a check with doctor Jesus loves you cheryl
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    Cindi - The dosage of chemo they administer is determined by your weight and height. The chemo I'm having (4 rounds of Adriamycin and Cytoxin)has really affected my intesinal flora big time so I don't usually have a normal appetite for the week following the treatment. But I force myself to eat nutritiously because it's so important. I have lost about 10 pounds since the beginning of this, but I think it's due more to a change in diet (less meat, fat, sugar and alcohol) than loss of appetite. But the side effects of chemo are different with everyone. It is important that you feel confident in your oncologist, that s/he is up on the latest in treatment methods for your type of cancer (Eg., mine who is in Dallas is affiliated with MDAnderson in Houston). They also should run a bunch of pre-tests (muga scan, blood workup) to make sure you are in good condition to receive chemo. I know chemo is something we all dread (I'm counting down the days to the end!) But it is temporary and we will feel good again. I agree with one of your responders that 50 is young! I feel young at 60! Good luck to you - Gay
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    Hi Cindi,
    I am 55. Starting the second week of January I had Adriamycin/Cytoxan every 21 days. I did not get ill (as in vomiting) at all, just a little nausea. The main medication they gave me for that was Zofran, every 8 hours for the first 3 days starting at bedtime the night of chemo.

    I had lost 30 pounds between the time of my motice that my mammogram was suspicious and January 1. I ganed back 15 pounds of that during chemo.

    One of the things I would suggest ist that you try Bovine Colostrum (a natural substance from cows milk) that you find in a health food store. I took it and it helps the immune function. I think the fats in it also help to stimulate your appetite.

    I also ate licorice candies (real licorice, not anise) about an hour before I expected to eat a meal. It seems to make you hungrier.

    Lots of people eat small meals every 2 or 3 hours to help with both the nausea and weight control. (I was too busy to do that very often, but a couple times did it on the first couple days after chemo. Maybe just a cup of yougurt or pudding, or a milk shake or a banana and a glass of milk.

    Something nourishing with calcium and potassium.

    Check with the oncology nurses at your doctors as they have more experience in dealing day to day with patients problems than the doctor does.

    I hope you do well what ever your decision.

    I will keep you in my prayers if you don't mind. I have found that prayer is a great tool in this fight.

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    I was 50 when I had my chemo. I'm a teacher but only missed one day of work. I did lose weight as I did not want to eat. But once I found Ensure and Boost - added to the best vanilla ice cream, I was okey. It will be hard but it can be done. Love Debw
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    I had my chemo at 48, four treatments of Adriamycin and Cytoxan, 21 days apart. I got some mouth sores a week or so after one of the treatments, so chewed on ice during the administration of the Adriamycin after that and never had any more. I tolerated the treatments very well and continued to work full-time, only taking half a day off for the actual treatments. The last treatment gave me some nausea, but was controlled by Compazine, which I took for 3 days after each treatment. I did not lose any weight, but my sense of taste was altered and I couldn't tolerate spicy foods. It wasn't bad at all -- and I feel better knowing I attacked any hiding cells with both barrels! Good luck.