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I NEED HELP ON THIS I HAD A MASECTOMY IN 1995 i didn't get problemns with this until this last year now it stays all the time the fluid stays in my arm & upper back it gets so bad that my husband will massage it out.I always did things not to get lymphdema i stay in fear on getting that so i would work that arm all the time i live in so much pain with it there is some woman told me to ask my doctor to have physical therapy & to see about having a sleeve which i will when i go see my doctor i never knew that this was all on internet talking with woman that had the same problemn i had i'm so glad i finally got a computer now everybody is going to know about me cheryl


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    Yes, get physical therapy for it. It is a new field of treatment. Most doctors don't even know about it. Find someone certified to offer the manual massage. They will teach you how to do it. It works. The sleeve and glove also are important. I wear my when I feel the fluid flaring up. You don't need it all the time. Let me know how it goes. Debw
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    There are many of us out there with similar problems. I'm so sorry to hear that you are in pain, but it sounds like the massaging is giving you some relief. I had surgery in 93, and did not develop a swollen arm until a year later. I have tried many different techniques to get rid of the extra fluid, but I continue to have a larger than normal arm. I can tell you that you are wise to worry about your arm. I never had very much information when I left my doctor's care, but since I have learned to baby my arm as much as possilbe. I am very cautions not to let insects bite my arm, and I NEVER carry anything heavy with my right arm. I keep my arm elevated when I am sitting and watching TV, and I do wear a sleeve when I am directing the choir I have or particularly when I fly. Use your computer and got the GOOGLE, then type in lymphedema. You will have a great deal of information. SOME of it is really good information, some not. Try to be wise in what you read. Good Luck.