Mouth sores and sore throat

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My Dad had surgery for colon cancer in March.It was stage 3 it had spread to lymph nodes.Now he is in his third month of chemo and because he gained weight the Doctor doubled his dose.Now his throat is sore and his mouth and lips are broke out.Is this common?Did they up the dose because of the weight gain or did they find something in his blood test?Is this normal to change the dose?


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    I have stage 3 colon cancer undergoing chemo. Doc gave me recipe for mouth wash to help prevent sores: in 6-8 oz water, mix 2 teaspoons salt, 2 tspns soda, 1/4 portionof peroxide to the 3/4 portion of water. Rinse at least 4x daily. Suck on ice, popsicles & drink plenty of fluids, Vitamin E 4000I.U.(capsules, puncture with clean needle) and apply to sores, Kaopectate to open sores, alternate vitamin E & kaopectate after salt/soda rinse or is ok to comine two together. I have not had any sores, but everyone is different.