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Hi everyone,
Well tomorrow is my mom's last a/c treatment (good), I wish I could be with her in Va. instead of here in Mi.(bad) I have made the 12 hr drive several times over the last few months to be with her,and talk to her daily.However, the 3rd treatment kicked her butt, and she doesn't want us to visit until she's feeling a little bettter and her blood count stays up.( she lives with my brother and his family).
Having breast cancer(i should say a mom with bc) once is awful, but twice is almost unthinkable!However, there have been some very Beautiful things that have happened too.
Like finding this web site (truely a blessing for me)--the amount of encouragement and inspiration here is endless. I really need this place to help me understand medically and emotionally what was going on with my mom.(thank you all) Then there's my mom's chemo nurse who handed my mom a personal blank check so my mom could get a very needed antibiotic prescription filled on her way home(my mom forgot her wallet).--I haven't gotten to meet her yet(the nurse) but I'm sure she must be an angel.
And my kids have a whole new appreciation of their gram-gram, as we've have been a lot more of her these last few months.
I'm not sure what to expect next for my mom, I am hoping that she'll recouperate quickly from this last a/c and be able to go on that mini vacation I've been promising her!
I want to thank all of you for sharing your lives with each other and allowing me access to information you have obtained through your will always be in my prayers.
May God Bless you all,


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    your Mom I bet is so proud of you for just being there & listening thats the most important thing you & your kids is the best medicine she could get.When I got breast cancer 6yrs ago, when I came home from the hospital,when I came home my daughter is the one that brought me home her & my husband well my sister in law told my daughter she needed to leave with the kids than i had young grandkids my daughter left crying than my sister went & got her she told my daughter that they were the best medicine for me that was going to be my recovery how right my sister was if it wouldn't of been for my family my little grandchildren i don't think i would of had the speedy recovery that i had family is special .when you look in that Moms eyes you just tell her how proud you are to be her daughter & i bet she will tell you how proud she is to be your Mom .I know she is very proud .I'm 6yrs cancer free but you never know when it will hit again but i live for each day & give it to my sweet Lord & thats what each of us has to do give it to him.Will you tell your Mom for me Ilove her & praying for her .I lost my Mom in 1985 of lung cancer & my dad in 1987 pancreais cancer & now my brother has vocal cord but i keep my faith with my Lord & thats what you need to do also Jesus loves you
    love cheryl(don't forget to always think positive & your Mom is going to be ok )
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    We are glad you found this site and are better able to cope with all that you too are faced. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. Your mother is already a survivor, of so much.