glutamine and taxol

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i have just completed 4 a/c and will be starting 4 taxol. i have heard that there has been some success with glutamine powder helping with side effect of joint pain. has anyone tried it and at what dosage? any other suggestions for dealing with taxol side effects? thanks so much, cathy


  • cherdaetwyler
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    You are looking for Glucosamine Sulfate

    There is a powder form glcosamine sulfate FOS (in which the FOS stands for the sweetner fructose oleo-saccharides) which my oncology nurse told me to find and take at three times the dosage listed on the package at least twice a day.

    I couldn't find that but heard from others that any liquid formulation of the glucosamine sulfate works much the same way, again you take twice the listed dosage and at least twice a day.

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    Dear Cathy:
    I didn't know about the glutamine when going through Taxol. If pain persists, try holding heating pad to area or soak in as hot water as you can safely do! It would take 3 extra strength Tylenols to ease pain at night enough to sleep. I could make it okay during day with distractions.
    Good luck and God bless you. You will be in my thoughts and prayers.
    Hugs from Brenda