Dealing with Lung Cancer

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This is very scary, but I am a 10 year survivor, and I have met a number of others who are also surviving- yes, even small cell. The way that I have met these people is by attending support groups (Dialogue) and by becoming a volunteer for ACS. If you do everything suggested by physicians you trust, then you have to turn it over to God, and accept the seriousness of this disease. If you were a smoker in the past, let it go. It won't help you to dwell on negatives. Rather try to maintain hope and accept all the help offered by family and friends. May you find hope and peace.


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    Congratulations!! What kind of cancer did you have? Could you please tell me how I could get in touch with some survivors of small cell carcinoma. I can't find any myself, and I know that they have to be out there. I think that if I could hear some survivor stories and tell my daddy that he would have more hope. Don't get me wrong, we do have hope already, but I think that it would help to know that people have beaten this cancer.