Kidney - Renal & Transitional Cell

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I read your message of June 1st and I am very symphathetic and understanding. Although my cancer is the other hard to treat kidney cancer (transitonal cell), it is difficult accepting that with all the new treatments there really isn't anything very effective against either kinds of kidney cancer. But, for encouragement, I would like to share my personal approach to this dilemna. First, have faith and use prayer so that you can seek and receive comfort and support during this time. Knowing that you can open your heart and mind and that God is listening and will help is the first thing I would suggest. Then, from experience with my own father's death with cancer, I would suggest that you talk with your father and family about your fears, sorrows and emotions. Each of you need an opportunity to share your feelings and to reassure one another of your love and concerns. This will help not only you, but will be helpful to your father and the rest of the family. Then think of and appreciate all the blessings you have had and all the wonderful memories you share. In spite of what is going on there are always many positive things which result in the tragic or sad. And, above all do not give up. Do not lose hope. That is something that your faith will give you and your father and nothing can take away the assurance that you always have hope as you trust in the Lord to meet your needs.