intercourse after transplant

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I am looking for info on increasing my level of secretions (I am a 31 year old female). In 1997 I had a peripheral stem cell transplant and since have not had a normal flow of secretions making it difficult to make love--it feels as if I am a virgin all over again. I met with my ob/gyn and am taking lo-ovral but I am still not a normal level. I'd appreciate any feedback


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    slight- I didn't have stem cell replacement, but I have had a very ow labido since treatment for HD, after 18 years of living with a wonderful husband I found a product that helps with the dryness. Summer's Eve vaginal moisturizer, it comes in pre-filled applicatiors, this is nice, you can apply it anytime and it lasts for awhile. Give it a try if you haven't already and good luck.
    Does anyone have any helpful info on low labido?