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Thank you, Brenda and Tara, for your responses regarding my Neutropenia. Yesterday I had my 5th shot and my doc recommended that I continue shots for the next 4 days and told me to stay home from work until at least Friday. They will take my counts again on Thurs. I felt so silly...started bawling right there at the nurses station because of my employer problem and fear that by using sick days now, when I have my recons. surgeries in July and Sept I will have to take time off without pay. Something that really frightens me. I just don't see how my husband and I can afford it. My doctor was very sweet and she even called my work and spoke with not MY boss, who has been such a creep during all of this, but HIS boss. He was very understanding. Some employers just don't understand that we have no control over how these chemicals affect our bodies. My boss has this idea that since I had my last chemo last week, I should be back to normal now and wants to start piling extra work on me. Oh, well. Can't waste my time worrying over it. Must concentrate on getting healthy again. The good news is that I started having the usual back pain from the shots so that can only mean that they are working.
Again, thank you for your prayers. God is watching over every one of us and only He knows what the future holds.
Take care-
Mel in AR.


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    Mel, I'm so sorry that your boss is being such a creep. You should have your husband check with the Department of Labor regarding your rights and get a copy sent to your boss, as far as I am aware what he is doing would be classed as harassment. You have enough on your plate to deal with, without having to put up with that. You are in my thoughts and prayers, take care.
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    I wish these people could see what stress does for them as well as you. We can hope they will understand but my experience is they are ill equiped emotionally to deal with their duties to acccomodate. 2 years back working full time and they still don't get it. I work in a man's world, what else should I expect? You know what it is you need, make sure you get it irregardless of what others might think!! Hang in there, we are with you.
    Be good to yourself, then others will follow