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This message is mainly for Steve who suggested metamucil to help regulate the number of trips to the bathroom. I will try it, thanks. I had heard of using it before, but I have been eating so much oatmeal,fruits, vegetables, and other high fiber foods that I didn't think it was for me. Maybe I was wrong. It is worth a try.


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    I often wonder why just eating more high fiber foods isn't enough but it is something about the Metamucil-type fiber that really helps with control. As I think I told you before, this is not a cure-all. Even with the success I've had, I still have episodes where I must take Immodium to get back in control. As the months have gone on, I am finding that I have fewer of these episodes. If you decide to try the Metamucil, let me know how it works. Good Luck! Steve
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    One word: IMODIUM

    It works great for me!
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    am a 4 year survivor of Type 3 and a ascending colonectomy...what worked best for me was Questran with a side benefit of dramaticlly lowering cholesterol levels...since that earky soccess however I am back to abnormal so am living with it... any suggestion to help stop me up???