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As I'am new to the group I'am still a little lost at all the areas but slowly catching on. I enjoy and need to read all the different entries. It answers alot of questions I have when I went through the chmo and now the radiation. My toes are still numb from the taxlo but reading from some of you who this happened to I know it will get better I just have to wait. My prayers are with each of you when I read your inputs thank you. Sharon


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    Hello Sharon, I am also just finished all chemo and radiation. The Taxol left my right fingertips a little numb and the ends of my right foot toes. My hand is improving rapidly but the toes are staying pretty much the same. I finished the last Taxol treatment on March 26th of this year. Have your taste buds returned to normal yet? I still cannot eat anything sweet or chocolate, leaves a terrible aftertaste. I have been drinking an ocean of water, but still have not washed the drugs out of my system. I don't remember writing to you before, how long have you been reading? I wonder how many read the posts but do not respond. Glad you responded today, we all need everyone's words and shared experiences.This site and the wonderful people here helped me through the worst part of chemotherapy. I knew just exactaly what to expect, both good and bad and went into it calm and prepared. Keep posting in, you are part of our family. Love to you, Nancy
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    I find myself devoted to this site because I think this is a place that everyone contributes so much and how can we not learn and know our feelings, accepting them. I came here because I wasn't around and hearing about others like myself. No truly understands unless they have been there done that. This is a place that I come to feeling like it makes a difference in someone elses life. I look at the number of postings and can see there is a real need. For those going through it, and those of us making it. I know others need to hear some of the HOPE that I have found. I too am a mother and have my son around me now.
    Be good to yourself,