estrogen receptors

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when I last saw my onc. he checked my pathology report I had finished 4a/c and 4 taxol treatments. then started radiatin he is deciding what treatment would be best for me tamoxifin does not seem right he said . I was negative for estrogen but positive when it came to my hormone level Iam 44. So he drew more blood to see if I was going into menopause? have not had a period since treatment began in Nov. I will see him next fri. to find out. everything seems with me to be a little different.


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    Dear Sharon:
    I was just reading a report on the different meds that are in same category as tamoxifen. One was thought to be superior to tamoxifen. So your doctor is probably deciding which will be best for your particular case. Everyone is different, and it is going to make a world of difference in cancer treatments when they finally figure this dna approach out. To be able to pinpoint treatment to help each individual with their specific need rather than one size fits mostly! Good luck and God bless you.