Anyone heard from Tracy recently?

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Hi Tracy,

Just wondering how Mommy to twins is doing these days. Missed your postings. Hope treatments are going along well - and you are still able to enjoy the lunch - compliments of M D Anderson - with hubby as a relaxing time together.

Hugs, Jean


  • tiger
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    HI Jean, tiger here, there are alot of people gone missing lately, I am one of them!! Wendy from California, Cherdaetwyler,but I guess alot of people now that it is summer are busy with their yards and families. All we can do is wish them well. I have not heard from Pam yet, if I dont hear anything by the weekend, I am going to call John again. I heard from Sue, she is doing well, still having pain in the surgery site and nobody seems too inclined to do anything about it. Thats Drs for you!!
    Take care.
    Hugs from Rosa