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In Aug. of 2000 was my news of B.C. 11 out of 14 lymph nodes 9cm. tumor poitive for her-2 at the age of 44. had double mas. the start of reconstruction with breast extenders.So far doing ok heavy chemo 8radiation treatments so far 20 to go. then back to herceptin chemo once a week for at least one year.


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    Hi Sharon, I'm Judy. I had mastectomy in Dec. 2000. I didn't have the reconstruction then but am thinking I am going to before long. I did not expect it to bother me as much as it does. I am on tamoxifen & doing fine with that. I didn't have to have chemo or radiation. Welcome to this group. Judy
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    Hi Sharon,

    I am Cathy, from Switzerland. I had a lumpectomy, did chemo and rads as well. Now I am fine, that was 2 years ago. You feel tired through the chemo, but hang in there, you will get your energy back when the treatment stops ! Try to rest as much as possible, and let your friends and family help you. Cancer taught me it was OK to sometimes depend on others, and to let them do things for me. We are here to help if you need support or if you have any question. I wish you the very best.

    With an Alpine hug (I bet you never had one of those !),
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    As you can see this site is growing all the time, a sad reality to this disease. More and more of us are living beyond our wildest fears and seeing beyond all the tears.
    Just wanted to say there are so many caring people here I am so glad I came. I am sure you will to. Hope to see you in chat sometime.
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    Welcome Sharon:
    this is a fantastic site to learn from other people's experiences or to add your own for others to have. The voices of experiences means more to me than plain old statistics!! May God bless you always,
    Brenda (GA.)